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Video Camera Inspection

Flow-rite plumbing is proud to offer a Sewer Camera Inspection service to customers.

All video inspections are recorded and given to the owner for inspection as they please. We have a state of the art video inspection system which records all video in DVD format including voice notes and type written notes as well.

Why let the Rooter Companies camera your problematic sewer lines and not receive a copy of the video for your own review. Don’t be tricked into spending thousands for a repair when you can pay a few hundred and get the job quoted by many different companies.

Give your Cincinnati Plumbers a call today at 513-383-4242 for all your plumbing needs!

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Battery back up sump pumps are a sure bet!

Battery back up sump pumps are the way to go!

If you are trying to decide what type of back up sump pump system to get then read this article. All back up sump pump systems are not the same. The most common and the most relied upon systems in use are battery back up types. There are many manufactures to choose from with many different models of battery back up systems available. We recommend only one though.

The proven reliability of Pro Series Pumps when installed by a professional plumber will give you the extra piece of mind you need when your away from home.

The other alternative is a water powered type of back up sump pump system that relies solely on your household water pressure and water volume. This does eliminate the need for batteries and charging systems. These pumps can be useful in certain instances but in most cases waste more water than they can pump. This is usually a two to one ratio. These type of back up systems usually do not pump half as much as a battery back up system when compared in gallons per hour.

The bottom line about back up sump pumps is choose the one that best suits your needs. How much water does your main sump pump discharge during a normal rainstorm. Household sump pumps are piped according to the buildings particular situation. Some recieve a lot of water on a regular basis and others receive a very small amount very rarely. This is something that should be determined and sized accordingly by a Cincinnati Plumber.

If you are in need of a Cincinnati Sump pump Installer then call (513) 383-4242

Oxford Ohio plumbers

Flow-Rite Plumbing of Cincinnati proudly serves Oxford, Ohio and its surrounding areas. We provide plumbing services such as drain cleaning and complete bathroom installations. Oxford Backflow Testing and installation services are also available. We install gas fireplace inserts and water heaters.

Call (513) 383-4242 for pricing and info.

Free Cincinnati Plumber estimates

Feel free to call a Cincinnati Plumber at (513) 383-4242 and get a free estimate on all your Cincinnati plumbing needs.

We can usually quote prices for water heaters and fixture replacements over the phone or via our contact form. Estimates over the phone are ball park figures only unless stated otherwise and are usually a not to exceed number or worst case scenario. Remember that only so much information about the job can be given consideration when giving an estimate. Without actually seeing the actual circumstances of the specific job we cannot give a 100 percent price to complete the job.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes however please understand that we cannot be 100 percent accurate without seeing the job site. There may be circumstances unforseen by both parties.

We will advise the customer in writing of any increase or decrease in pricing before the work is complete.

On site estimates are available for a fee of 25.00 and include a hard price estimate of all work to be performed. The 25 dollar fee will be credited towards the work being estimated if performed. All new work is guaranteed for a period of one year and all repair work is warranted as well but may vary depending upon the situation. The customer will be advised verbally and in writing in either case.

Cincinnati Backflow Testers

Are you in need of a backflow test in the Greater Cincinnati Area or surrounding areas and even in Northern Kentucky!

Flow-Rite Plumbing offers backflow testing for all commercial buildings and residential lawn irrigation systems.

Please call (513) 383-4242 for a quote. We offer discounts for multiple devices whether all in one building or all in one neighborhood! Call a Cincinnati plumber for all your plumbing needs at (513) 383-4242

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Announcing new service areas!

We are proud to announce our service area has expanded substantially! We proudly provide plumbing service to Oxford Ohio and all surrounding areas routinely.

We are also pleased to announce that the same great service that you rely upon is now available in Richmond Indiana and surrounding areas as well as Connersville Indiana. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family. You can obtain service by calling (513) 383-4242

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Hunter Park Norwood,OH

We received yet another commercial job for the year!

We have received a plumbing contract for the new Hunter Park Restroom building in Norwood, OH. We will be doing the plumbing work on the new public restrooms for the city park. This will be our second public job for the year 2009. We are happy with our progress as a Cincinnati commercial plumbing contractor thus far and hope to be even happier by the years end. We will continue to provide low bid proposals for commercial jobs competing against some of the major union plumbing shops in the tri-state area as well as other various open shops.

The most important thing that we notice about these publicly bid jobs is that the labor rate is mandated to be prevailing wage which is the wage that the union employers have to pay their employees. The idea is that this makes it an even playing field for the union companies to bid against open shop companies because now the open shops must pay their employees this union wage if they are to perform the job being bid.

This causes two problems for the taxpayers though. One is that the jobs that are being bid at prevailing wage rates could be bid at competitive open shop rates saving the taxpayers money in the long run because of lower labor rates. The other is that the number of companies bidding these jobs is somewhat limited because of the prevailing wage (union) rates. There are a lot of open shop companies that won’t bid on these projects because they can’t afford the higher labor rates. This only diminishes the chances of an even more competitive bid. The less companies that will bid the projects the less competitive the bids are. This also keeps the bid prices higher, once again costing the taxpayer’s more money in the long run.

Flow-Rite Plumbing is proud to be an open shop with no boundaries. In doing so we bring the quality of work the public taxpayer’s deserve. We will continue to bid competitively on public jobs as they arise and provide quality workmanship on them when we are awarded the jobs. We would like to thank everyone for their support in our past and future endeavors.

As always, Why be Wrong?……When you can Flow-Rite!

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Cincinnati Fire House # 51

It’s tough these days in the commercial plumbing industry!

Flow-Rite Plumbing did again with its upcoming commercial project for the City of Cincinnati,OH. We just acquisitioned our newest job at 5801 Hamilton ave in Cincinnati, OH. The new Cincinnati Fire House  #51 is already underway with construction and is slated to be complete sometime in early 2010. The residents of the North College Hill community have been long awaiting the arrival of the new fire station. Soon it will be a reality. The new Firehouse #51 will be built with Green Technology and gain its L.E.E.D. certification through the U.S. government agency.

Flow-Rite Plumbing is proud to be a part of this project and looks forward to completing many more Green Projects in the Tri-State area. Stay tuned for pictures of the project throughout its duration provided by Flow-Rite Plumbing. We will be showing pictures that the general public doesn’t normally get to see. For an inside peek of the construction of a new landmark in North College Hill check back regularly to see updated photos and videos.

As always, Why be wrong?…..When you can Flow-Rite! 

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Spring is just around the corner

Don’t be caught off guard this spring!

Wet weather will be coming soon. Now is the time to have your sump pump checked out to insure that all is well before the rainy season hits. It is too late to find out when all that water has no place to go except all  over the basement floor ruining clothes and other dry goods. 

Flow-Rite Plumbing of Cincinnati offers a 10 point residential inspection of all your plumbing fixtures to insure they are in tip top shape for a fee of $ 35.00. This includes all major plumbing fixtures, drains and their valves. Do you know where to shut off the water to your house in case of emergency? Not only will we show you where and how but we will label it as well.

When it comes to the rainy season the most important of these ten points is your sump pump and floor drains. We offer a full line of replacement sump pumps if yours is on the fritz and most are installed the same day. We can even install battery back up systems for your existing pump in case of power failure. We also have available a water powered back up system for your sump pump that never needs recharging. There are many possible problems that can cause a pump to go south so let our technicians take a look at yours during an inspection to make sure it is fully operational when the wet weather comes this spring.

Give us a call today to schedule your inspection at (513) 383-4242

Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Don’t be caught off guard this rainy season.

A pic of a bad sump pump we replaced in 2008

A pic of a bad sump pump we replaced in 2008

Drain cleaning in Cincinnati

Need a Drain Cleaner that works?

Flow-Rite Plumbing of Cincinnati offers its own drain cleaning solution that anyone can use! Contact us at (513) 383-4242 for shipping info or contact us through our website at Pricing is $ 12.75 per pound of drain cleaner plus shipping depending on where you are located of course. ORDERS OF SIX POUNDS OR MORE INCLUDE FREE SHIPPING TO THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES! 

One pound of drain cleaner will normally treat two fixtures per pound for a month’s time.A kitchen sink, bathtub or bathroom sink drain are examples. This drain cleaner is effective on slow drains as well as partially clogged drains, but is intended for the maintenance of slow drains due to normal use. This drain cleaner is not intended for use in toilets and must be applied per instructions to all other drains. We use this drain cleaner on a regular basis in the commercial field and in residential settings with great success.

If you are searching to find an economical way to maintain your slower running drains in your house or in your own business then we have what you need. It is easy to use and only requires  a monthly application per drain to keep the high priced drain cleaning and rooter companies away. Please feel free to call with questions. We accept all credit cards through Pay Pal and checks or money orders through the mail. Instructions on how to use the drain cleaner will be mailed with your order. Call today! (513- 383-4242


Grease Traps and why you need them!

Grease traps are essential to plumbing performance!

Grease traps are often known about in the commercial field of plumbing however they are usually not understood fully. Yes they do trap grease as the name well suggests. The big misunderstanding is that they trap this grease without ever needing maintenance or cleaning. This is the big problem amongst most commercial property owners.

A grease trap is designed to hold a given amount of grease or food debris. Each trap is sized according to the fixture or fixtures it serves as per plumbing code or other authorities. When a grease trap reaches its capacity due to normal usage then it needs cleaned of all food and grease debris so it can function properly. If this cleaning is not performed on a regular basis then the grease trap ceases to perform properly and lets the grease go into the plumbing piping which is what we intended to stop by adding a grease trap in the first place.

Like I said before this is a common misunderstanding in the commercial field of plumbing maintenance. As a plumbing professional I see this happen all the time especially in a restaurant setting. I receive calls for clogged drains only to find that a grease trap has not been maintained properly by regular cleaning and has caused a back up due to grease in the lines downstream of the grease trap. Now the bad news comes.

plumbing companyuse a hot water jetter to clean the grease out of the drain lines. This perplexes most people who think that they don’t have large amounts of grease in the everyday use of their facility. It is really simple to determine whether you have enough grease going down your drains to cause the problems you are facing. You called a plumbing company because you have a clogged drain didn’t you?

You would be surprised to hear how many times I have explained this in more than a nice way that this is the problem and yet the management still calls us to clean out the drains over and over again costing them more in the long run than it would cost to just clean out the grease trap when it needs it on a routine basis. I don’t mean to rant but this seems like a no brainer to me! If you want to pay us to keep cleaning the drains because you can’t maintain a cleaning program well then bring it on. We love customers like you.

I guess I shouldn’t seem like I’m complaining but it boggles my mind how someone can be given a professional opinion on something and experience it over and over again and expect different results!

For the best overall results call a Cincinnati Plumber at (513) 383-4242

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Free Sewer Cleaning in Cincinnati

Do you want a Free Sewer Cleaning?

If you live within the jurisdiction of the Cincinnati Metropolitan Sewer District, then you may be entitled to a free main line sewer cleaning. If you pay sewer fees to this sewer provider then you are entitled to a free sewer cleaning as long as it is found to be the sewer districts problem. You can learn more by clicking on this hyperlink Remember that there are limitations.

You may ask why would a plumbing company want to inform their possible customer that they could save money by not paying a plumbing company fees to unclog their drains. To us here at Flow-Rite Plumbing it is simple. Why not help a possible customer out for free when in return they might remember us when they do have to pay for a plumbing service call later for something else maybe. Who knows maybe our good deed will be returned? If not, we still performed a good deed by telling the customer about this service provided for no cost when we could have charged them for a sewer cleaning!

We don’t want to have to pay for something we don’t have to either! So pass it along to your neighbor or friend and don’t forget who told you about it!

Why be Wrong…….When you can Flow-Rite!

What to ask of a plumbing company

Would you call the same Cinninnati plumbing company back if…..

  1. you received prompt service calls when they were scheduled within a thirty minute to an hour time frame?
  2. you were treated with the knowledge and respect that you deserved when approached?
  3. you were given several options on the services that could be performed?
  4. you were given a detailed description of the services and what each scenario would cost?
  5. you were given a warranty in writing on your invoice?
  6. you were given a concrete price to fix your plumbing problems?
  7. you were treated like your plumbing problem was a priority?
  8. you were given a fair price to do the work?
  9. you were not sold something that you didn’t need or really want?
  10. you were happy with the quality of work for the price you were charged?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may already be our customer or might want to consider becoming one! One time using our services will make you a returning Flow-Rite Plumbing customer. This is self explanatory to us because it has proven itself time and time again with every return customer and referral we have. Every referral turns into a another satisfied customer which turns into another return customer so on and so forth.

As always…..Why be Wrong?…..When you can Flow-Rite!

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