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Hunter Park Norwood,OH

We received yet another commercial job for the year!

We have received a plumbing contract for the new Hunter Park Restroom building in Norwood, OH. We will be doing the plumbing work on the new public restrooms for the city park. This will be our second public job for the year 2009. We are happy with our progress as a Cincinnati commercial plumbing contractor thus far and hope to be even happier by the years end. We will continue to provide low bid proposals for commercial jobs competing against some of the major union plumbing shops in the tri-state area as well as other various open shops.

The most important thing that we notice about these publicly bid jobs is that the labor rate is mandated to be prevailing wage which is the wage that the union employers have to pay their employees. The idea is that this makes it an even playing field for the union companies to bid against open shop companies because now the open shops must pay their employees this union wage if they are to perform the job being bid.

This causes two problems for the taxpayers though. One is that the jobs that are being bid at prevailing wage rates could be bid at competitive open shop rates saving the taxpayers money in the long run because of lower labor rates. The other is that the number of companies bidding these jobs is somewhat limited because of the prevailing wage (union) rates. There are a lot of open shop companies that won’t bid on these projects because they can’t afford the higher labor rates. This only diminishes the chances of an even more competitive bid. The less companies that will bid the projects the less competitive the bids are. This also keeps the bid prices higher, once again costing the taxpayer’s more money in the long run.

Flow-Rite Plumbing is proud to be an open shop with no boundaries. In doing so we bring the quality of work the public taxpayer’s deserve. We will continue to bid competitively on public jobs as they arise and provide quality workmanship on them when we are awarded the jobs. We would like to thank everyone for their support in our past and future endeavors.

As always, Why be Wrong?……When you can Flow-Rite!

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Cincinnati Fire House # 51

It’s tough these days in the commercial plumbing industry!

Flow-Rite Plumbing did again with its upcoming commercial project for the City of Cincinnati,OH. We just acquisitioned our newest job at 5801 Hamilton ave in Cincinnati, OH. The new Cincinnati Fire House  #51 is already underway with construction and is slated to be complete sometime in early 2010. The residents of the North College Hill community have been long awaiting the arrival of the new fire station. Soon it will be a reality. The new Firehouse #51 will be built with Green Technology and gain its L.E.E.D. certification through the U.S. government agency.

Flow-Rite Plumbing is proud to be a part of this project and looks forward to completing many more Green Projects in the Tri-State area. Stay tuned for pictures of the project throughout its duration provided by Flow-Rite Plumbing. We will be showing pictures that the general public doesn’t normally get to see. For an inside peek of the construction of a new landmark in North College Hill check back regularly to see updated photos and videos.

As always, Why be wrong?…..When you can Flow-Rite! 

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