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Hyde Park Plumbers Fix a Pipe Leak

Hyde Park Plumbers fix a leaking plumbing stack!

Watch our videos of how we replaced a leaking plumbing stack in Hyde Park,OH

Getting into it we found the problem!

Next we tear out the old stuff!

And in goes the new piping!

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Video Camera Inspection

Flow-rite plumbing is proud to offer a Sewer Camera Inspection service to customers.

All video inspections are recorded and given to the owner for inspection as they please. We have a state of the art video inspection system which records all video in DVD format including voice notes and type written notes as well.

Why let the Rooter Companies camera your problematic sewer lines and not receive a copy of the video for your own review. Don’t be tricked into spending thousands for a repair when you can pay a few hundred and get the job quoted by many different companies.

Give your Cincinnati Plumbers a call today at 513-383-4242 for all your plumbing needs!

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Cincinnati Backflow Testers

Are you in need of a backflow test in the Greater Cincinnati Area or surrounding areas and even in Northern Kentucky!

Flow-Rite Plumbing offers backflow testing for all commercial buildings and residential lawn irrigation systems.

Please call (513) 383-4242 for a quote. We offer discounts for multiple devices whether all in one building or all in one neighborhood! Call a Cincinnati plumber for all your plumbing needs at (513) 383-4242

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Rainy Days Ahead!

Sump Pumps

Are you afraid to leave home for an extended period of time because your sump pump doesn’t have a back-up system? What if we get a heavy rain storm and the electric gos out? Will all your valuables in the basement survive the flood when this happens? What if your sump pump doesn’t even work when the electric is on because it’s too old or worn out? It only takes minutes to ruin a lifetimes worth of memories,valuables,keepsakes or living areas.

Why ask yourself any of these questions? Why worry about that heavy rainstorm and a bad sump pump ruining your vacation?

You don’t have to!
Call Flow-Rite Plumbing today to schedule your sump pump check-up. We check all the workings of your sump system and back-up system to make sure it is in tip top shape in case of that unexpected heavy rain storm or power outage during a rain storm.

Do you need a back-up sump pump system installed or maintained? We can install a back-up sump pump system for any existing one pump system that you may have.

Give us a call today at (513) 383-4242 for all your sump pump needs!

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Benefits of Remodeling a Kitchen or Bath in a Sluggish Housing Market

Remodeling now could make you money later

When it comes to spending your money, it only makes sense that you would want to be sure that the item or service you are purchasing is worth the expense. Especially in these times of financial uncertainty, many people are making the choice to put money back in their homes as insurance of better times to come.

Homes that include updated bathrooms and kitchens naturally bring higher returns and have higher values. Adding an additional bathroom to your home is definitely a step in the right direction. The benefits bathroom and kitchen remodeling can be enormous if you choose the right way to do it and the right plumbing contractor for the job.

The increased value in your home is a major benefit in the long run. Eventually the housing crisis will pass and nothing puts you and your family in a good spot to benefit like having a newly remodeled bath or kitchen when you plan on selling. Even if you have no plans to sell your home soon, the increased value can be used as home equity and help plan and pay for things like college, more home improvements, or even retirement needs.

In a addition to the increase in value there is the increase in usable square footage if an addition or basement bathroom is added. Now is the time to take advantage of the lack of work out there for many plumbing contractors and get the lowest price possible. The cheaper you get it done now when the prices are lower the more equity you will have when the housing market increases. Buy Low, Sell High!

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Hunter Park Norwood,OH

We received yet another commercial job for the year!

We have received a plumbing contract for the new Hunter Park Restroom building in Norwood, OH. We will be doing the plumbing work on the new public restrooms for the city park. This will be our second public job for the year 2009. We are happy with our progress as a Cincinnati commercial plumbing contractor thus far and hope to be even happier by the years end. We will continue to provide low bid proposals for commercial jobs competing against some of the major union plumbing shops in the tri-state area as well as other various open shops.

The most important thing that we notice about these publicly bid jobs is that the labor rate is mandated to be prevailing wage which is the wage that the union employers have to pay their employees. The idea is that this makes it an even playing field for the union companies to bid against open shop companies because now the open shops must pay their employees this union wage if they are to perform the job being bid.

This causes two problems for the taxpayers though. One is that the jobs that are being bid at prevailing wage rates could be bid at competitive open shop rates saving the taxpayers money in the long run because of lower labor rates. The other is that the number of companies bidding these jobs is somewhat limited because of the prevailing wage (union) rates. There are a lot of open shop companies that won’t bid on these projects because they can’t afford the higher labor rates. This only diminishes the chances of an even more competitive bid. The less companies that will bid the projects the less competitive the bids are. This also keeps the bid prices higher, once again costing the taxpayer’s more money in the long run.

Flow-Rite Plumbing is proud to be an open shop with no boundaries. In doing so we bring the quality of work the public taxpayer’s deserve. We will continue to bid competitively on public jobs as they arise and provide quality workmanship on them when we are awarded the jobs. We would like to thank everyone for their support in our past and future endeavors.

As always, Why be Wrong?……When you can Flow-Rite!

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Cincinnati Fire House # 51

It’s tough these days in the commercial plumbing industry!

Flow-Rite Plumbing did again with its upcoming commercial project for the City of Cincinnati,OH. We just acquisitioned our newest job at 5801 Hamilton ave in Cincinnati, OH. The new Cincinnati Fire House  #51 is already underway with construction and is slated to be complete sometime in early 2010. The residents of the North College Hill community have been long awaiting the arrival of the new fire station. Soon it will be a reality. The new Firehouse #51 will be built with Green Technology and gain its L.E.E.D. certification through the U.S. government agency.

Flow-Rite Plumbing is proud to be a part of this project and looks forward to completing many more Green Projects in the Tri-State area. Stay tuned for pictures of the project throughout its duration provided by Flow-Rite Plumbing. We will be showing pictures that the general public doesn’t normally get to see. For an inside peek of the construction of a new landmark in North College Hill check back regularly to see updated photos and videos.

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Green is getting easier

Going Green in 2009 is even Cheaper than before!

Choosing to replace that old water heater with a new GREEN water heater now has incentives. Starting January 1,2009 the federal government will be giving tax credits for going green. Please click on the link to view federal tax credits for Ohio.  Tax credit Info Energy efficient water heaters are just one of the many new tax credits available in 2009. For many different options on green high efficiency water heaters you can check out our website or simply give us a call at (513) 383-4242 and we will be happy to quote you a price over the phone or you can contact us on our web page via e-mail.

As always, Why be Wrong?……When you can GO GREEN!

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Cincinnati bathroom remodeler

Let Flow-Rite Plumbing Remodel your Bathroom

Flow-Rite Plumbing of Cincinnati now offers complete bathroom remodeling from start to finish. We start with an in home estimate where we get input from the customer on what style of fixtures they desire  along with room layouts and choices of flooring. After we get an idea of what the customer wants we will write out a full estimate for the project and present it to them along with payment options.

If your tired of dealing with fly by night contractors that do a botched job with no warranty on their workmanship we don’t blame you! Give us a call today at (513) 383-4242 and schedule a free in home estimate for your bathroom remodeling needs. With over a thousand different fixtures and many brand name manufactures to choose from why not make us your next bathroom re-modeler. After all, the bathroom fixtures are the most important part of any bathroom from design to functionality and even finishes.

Plumbing 101 in Cincinnati

To all the people out there that want to know more about plumbing in their home town. We have an online tutorial coming up on YouTube that will help you with everyday plumbing problems. Our online videos will explain many common plumbing problems that the homeowner experiences and more. With every video you’ll receive a guided tour of DIY plumbing tips and how tos. Check us out by going to and searching for Cincinnati Plumbers. This is a free service provided to you by your own local Cincinnati Plumbers. Flow-Rite Plumbing Inc. is a full service plumbing Company that serves the greater Cincinnati Area. Check out our videos and our blog frequently so that you are up to date.

As always ,Why be Wrong…..When you can Flow-Rite

YouTube Posts Coming Soon

For all those You Tube fanatics out there we’ve got news for you. We will be uploading You Tube videos on plumbing tips and how tos very soon. So keep an eye peeled for your favorite how to episode. All you have to do is go to and type in Cincinnati Plumbers into the search field and viola! You will be able to see videos on DIY plumbing topics. Best of all we will be taking requests for topics that you want to see via our Ask a Plumber option on our contact us page.

Keep an eye out for our self narrated videos on DIY plumbing in Cincinnati. Feel free to give us your feedback on our posts as well as our videos on YouTube.

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The love of food

I am a food lover myself and one that comes to mind is deep fried turkey. Whether it is just for friends that you have over for a cookout or for that special holiday dinner. Deep fried turkey tastes great and takes about a fourth less time than baking in the oven. Once you try it you will probably not want to have it prepared any other way. Along with that deep fried turkey you probably tasted one that had a marinade injected into it which transformed the way turkey should taste forever. There are many store bought marinades out there for purchase and many of them are quite tasty when injected into that deep fried bird.

I recently came across an easy do it yourself marinade that you can make with a few simple ingredients and it tastes great. I know it sure was a crowd-pleaser this Christmas holiday when I deep fried a turkey as usual for the family. See the ingredients below and just use your turkey injector to administer the tasty flavor as you would any store bout marinade. You can also use this marinade for chicken and pork even when you grill or bake.

You will need:

  • 1 stick of butter or margarine
  • 1/4 cup of Cajun seasoning
  • 1 1/2 cup of Italian dressing
  • 1 fine mesh strainer or cheese cloth

Pour the dressing through the stainer to remove all the big chunks of seasoning that could get clogged in the injector needle. Put the dressing in a microwaveable container with the butter and the Cajun seasoning and microwave until the butter is melted. Stir the mixture well and place it into your injector while it is still warm. Inject the meat with the mixture in several places while drawing the needle back push in the plunger. Proceed to deep fry the bird according to the directions. It usually takes 3 and 1/2 minutes per pound of turkey at an oil temp of 350 degrees. 

Don’t worry the mixture tastes very salty and strong as if it might even ruin the flavor of the meat. I thought this at first but when the turkey was done I was so pleased with the flavor. I would not recommend letting the injected turkey set for longer than an hour prior to frying. I say this because the strength of the marinade may be too much if you let it stand too long before cooking. Try it out for yourself and the second time around you will probably want to experiment with different types of dressings and seasonings to come up with your own flavor. I assure you that this is a good starting point for a basic Cajun marinade but if your like me you will want to tweak it  just because you can. All for the love of food.

Comments are welcome and appreciated! If you have a recipe to share let us know and we will be happy to post it on the blog! Cincinnati Plumbers can cook and we love to share our recipes.

As always,Why be Wrong…..When you can Flow-Rite!

Cincinnati Drain Cleaner to the Rescue!

Our surprising drain cleaner does it again!

If you have not had the pleasure to use our drain cleaner for the maintenance of your household drains then you may want to try it for yourself. If you have any drains that run slow or seem to be problematic then you might want to check out this awesome new drain cleaner that keeps your drains running properly and smoothly. A few examples are bathtubs, showers, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, laundry sinks and floor drains

Monthly and Bi-monthly treatments can and will significantly reduce the possibility of common clogs in a household drainage system. All drain cleaner comes with easy to understand instructions in the case that the homeowner wishes to use it themselves on a regular basis.

If the customer prefers we can come to the residence on a monthly or Bi-monthly basis and treat their drains for them. Some customers prefer this service over self treatment. It often provides them the assurance that the maintenance is performed professionally and on time. This is a piece of mind when it comes to keeping your drains free and clear for the years to come.

Call today for a quote on your drain cleaning maintenance in Cincinnati !

Call (513) 383-4242 for a quote