Rainy Days Ahead!

Sump Pumps

Are you afraid to leave home for an extended period of time because your sump pump doesn’t have a back-up system? What if we get a heavy rain storm and the electric gos out? Will all your valuables in the basement survive the flood when this happens? What if your sump pump doesn’t even work when the electric is on because it’s too old or worn out? It only takes minutes to ruin a lifetimes worth of memories,valuables,keepsakes or living areas.

Why ask yourself any of these questions? Why worry about that heavy rainstorm and a bad sump pump ruining your vacation?

You don’t have to!
Call Flow-Rite Plumbing today to schedule your sump pump check-up. We check all the workings of your sump system and back-up system to make sure it is in tip top shape in case of that unexpected heavy rain storm or power outage during a rain storm.

Do you need a back-up sump pump system installed or maintained? We can install a back-up sump pump system for any existing one pump system that you may have.

Give us a call today at (513) 383-4242 for all your sump pump needs!

Why be Wrong?…. When you can Flow-Rite!