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Video Camera Inspection

Got a sewer problem?

Unlike the old days, where they would take an educated guess and start to dig, your Cincinnati Plumbers can now use a video camera to perform an inspection of your sewer lines.  This inspection can be narrated and recorded so that you, the homeowner, has a copy for your records.

You would want, and need, to have this inspection done if you are experiencing a problem, but also if you plan a remodel that adds new bathrooms, or updates an old kitchen. This will help to make sure you will have no issues when your new fixtures are installed.

Another good time to call for a video camera inspection of your sewer lines?  Prior to buying a new home!  This is not part of a regular home inspection,  but not knowing of potential problems before buying the home, can cause headache and large expenses down the road.

Call us today to schedule your video camera drain inspection!

Smelly Drains?

It’s not pleasant when it happens, nor is it pleasant to talk about. But, we are going to talk about it.

Stinky, smelly drains. What causes them?  What do you do to fix them?
First thing you need to do is to determine the cause of the odor

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG)
Fog can create some smelly, and potentially damaging, build up in your drains. Not only is the FOG itself an odor generator, there are almost always food particles trapped in it, and as these particles spoil, they, too, can release an odor. The best way to prevent this is to never put FOG down your drain, even if you have a garbage disposal.

Rotten Eggs
Does your drain smell like rotten eggs?  That is most likely caused by hydrogen sulfide gas. Usually, this problem comes from your water (most often from your hot water heater), and causes your drain to smell like rotten eggs.  It is best to have a professional plumber diagnose this issue.

Septic or Sewer Problems
Sometimes leaks in your septic or sewer line can cause your drains to smell. This can be a fairly serious situation as it can indicate a backflow issue or other problem with your home’s main sewer or septic line.

Food Particles
Food can get stuck inside your drain and spoil, causing a really, foul odor. Rinsing your drain once a week with white vinegar and baking soda can help remove these food particles and flush them out of your drain system.

Foul odors from your plumbing system can be an indication that a problem exists. Do not ignore the smells, try the above or contact your Cincinnati Plumbers for their expert help in removing the smelly odors from your drains.

Vendor Spotlight: Kohler

In business since 1873, Kohler ideas, craftsmanship and technology are at work today worldwide. KOHLER plumbing products mean beautiful form as much as reliable function. Kohler’s 11 manufacturing facilities in North America produce a wide range of plumbing products for homes and business throughout the world.

Whether you are looking to update your faucets, sinks or tub and shower, call your Cincinnati Plumber today for an estimate.

Vendor Spotlight: Rheem

Since 1920, Rheem Manufacturing Company has been respected For Reliability. Rheem is an industry leader for total heating, cooling and water heating solutions.

Rheem is the industry leader for total heating, cooling and water heating solutions.  In fact, Rheem is one of the few global brands with product offerings covering residential and commercial heating, cooling, conventional storage-style water heaters, tankless water heaters, solar water heating systems, replacement parts and accessories for all categories.


Sewer Line Inspection

Most buyers know to have a home inspection done before they buy their new home… but do you ever think of having the sewer lines inspected?

If not, you should!

If you are considering placing an offer on a home over 20 years old, you will want to get the sewer lines inspected.  Trees, tar paper/Orangeburg pipes and cesspools are just a few of the reasons to have the sewer lines inspected prior to buying.

A Sewer Line Inspection involves a camera mounted on a snake that gets put through the sewer lines.  Not only will this show if the lines are clogged, but can provide valuable information about the condition of the pipes and what material they are made out of.

This is not usually included in the Home Inspection,  but could cause you thousands in the long run. Spend a little now to save a fortune later!

Cincinnati Sewer Line Inpections

Record Snow Fall in Cincinnati

We sure have been getting hit with a lot of the white stuff in Cincinnati lately! We just had a record snow fall in the Tri-state area.
Don’t forget that all that snow will eventually melt when sunny days and warm weather come. Where will all that water go?

winter tree
winter tree

For those of us that rely on a sump pump to take care of  our storm drainage during the wet season….Have you checked your pumps operation! Is it working properly? How about the back up sump pump and is the battery charged and ready to go?


Be prepared for the excess water created by our recent record snow fall. Call a Cincinnati Plumber to inspect your sump pump for correct operation. Don’t have a back -up sump pump?

Flow-Rite Plumbing installs back -up sump pumps that take the worry out of the equation. If the power goes out or your primary pump fails for any reason you need a back-up sump pump.So why not install the best.

# 1 Back-up Sump Pump

Standard 3Yr warranty and it includes a battery (installed for as low as $ 985.00)

Call a Cincinnati plumber to service or install a back up sump pump today at 513-383-4242

Firehouse 51 Not Under Warranty

See what happened at the firehouse! This was an unprecedented account. A general contractor should never act in this manner!

Another major problem with the work that was performed is that it wasn’t done by qualified tradesmen or tradeswomen and prevailing wages were not paid for this work. I wonder if anyone knows about this at the City Level?????

Cincinnati Firehouse #51 not under warranty!

This still just aggravated the heck out of me! How can some people be so bold. Who do they think they are?

Another major problem with the work that was performed is that it wasn’t done by qualified tradesmen or tradeswomen and prevailing wages were not paid for this work. I wonder if anyone knows about this at the City of Cincinnati Level, especially contract compliance ?????

Cincinnati FireHouse 51 Video Tour

Check out the new firehouse 51 in Cincinnati !

All plumbing fixtures were professionally installed by Cincinnati Plumbers

Please follow along with Cincinnati Green Plumbers and their video of the new Firehouse # 51 in Cincinnati Ohio. We are pleased to offer this never seen before footage of the new Fire station 51. You may also follow us on You Tube. Just search for Cincinnati Plumbers

Cincinnati Green Plumbers

Flow-Rite Plumbing is fast becoming the citys leading “Green Plumbers”

Our latest job: Cincinnati’s new Silver LEED certified Firehouse 51 is the City’s first Green Firehouse. We are proud to have been a part of it’s construction and look forward to completing the next one. Pictures of the firehouse can be seen in future posts.

Building Cincinnati Green one job at a time. Cincinnnati Green Plumbers can tackle all your green plumbing needs from commercial to residential plumbing we can GREEN UP any new or existing project. Give us a call today at 513-383-4242 for all your Green plumbing needs!