Video Camera Inspection

Got a sewer problem?

Unlike the old days, where they would take an educated guess and start to dig, your Cincinnati Plumbers can now use a video camera to perform an inspection of your sewer lines.  This inspection can be narrated and recorded so that you, the homeowner, has a copy for your records.

You would want, and need, to have this inspection done if you are experiencing a problem, but also if you plan a remodel that adds new bathrooms, or updates an old kitchen. This will help to make sure you will have no issues when your new fixtures are installed.

Another good time to call for a video camera inspection of your sewer lines?  Prior to buying a new home!  This is not part of a regular home inspection,  but not knowing of potential problems before buying the home, can cause headache and large expenses down the road.

Call us today to schedule your video camera drain inspection!