Flow-Rite Plumbing performs Kitchen and Bath remodels from start to finish. We offer on-site estimates for a fee of 25.00 dollars and offer a variety of fixtures to choose from. We do not pressure the customer into purchasing remodel packages like some of our competitors, in which case the customer would be limited in their choices.

We work hand in hand with some of the biggest showrooms in Cincinnati to obtain whatever the customer would like. We do all work under one roof, meaning you only have one person to deal with and one company to write the check to. We are not a Jack of all trades company!!!

We firmly believe that any one person can be really good at any one type of construction, but not really good at all things. We pride ourselves in our ability to perform really good plumbing work.
Likewise, we hire only the best of their trades to perform the ones we don’t, all under one roof. Check out some of our videos showing before and after shots of remodels. Each remodel is different. We don’t do all high end remodels or all low end remodels, we do them all.

Northside bathroom Installation

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