Smelly Drains?

It’s not pleasant when it happens, nor is it pleasant to talk about. But, we are going to talk about it.

Stinky, smelly drains. What causes them?  What do you do to fix them?
First thing you need to do is to determine the cause of the odor

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG)
Fog can create some smelly, and potentially damaging, build up in your drains. Not only is the FOG itself an odor generator, there are almost always food particles trapped in it, and as these particles spoil, they, too, can release an odor. The best way to prevent this is to never put FOG down your drain, even if you have a garbage disposal.

Rotten Eggs
Does your drain smell like rotten eggs?  That is most likely caused by hydrogen sulfide gas. Usually, this problem comes from your water (most often from your hot water heater), and causes your drain to smell like rotten eggs.  It is best to have a professional plumber diagnose this issue.

Septic or Sewer Problems
Sometimes leaks in your septic or sewer line can cause your drains to smell. This can be a fairly serious situation as it can indicate a backflow issue or other problem with your home’s main sewer or septic line.

Food Particles
Food can get stuck inside your drain and spoil, causing a really, foul odor. Rinsing your drain once a week with white vinegar and baking soda can help remove these food particles and flush them out of your drain system.

Foul odors from your plumbing system can be an indication that a problem exists. Do not ignore the smells, try the above or contact your Cincinnati Plumbers for their expert help in removing the smelly odors from your drains.