Grease Traps and why you need them!

A grease trap is designed to hold a given amount of grease or food debris. Each trap is sized according to the fixture or fixtures it serves as per plumbing code or other authorities. When a grease trap reaches its capacity due to normal usage then it needs cleaned of all food and grease debris so it can function properly.

Going Green in Cincinnati

In the world of plumbing this points to a few key fixtures such as Water Heaters and Boilers as well as radiant heating applications. Not only do these energy saving fixtures save us costly natural gas and electric bills in the long run but they also provide us with a little incentive such as tax credits and in some cases a credit from your local gas and electric company also!

Searching for a good plumber ?

How to choose a good plumber! Ask your friends, family and neighbors first who they would recommend. This is usually the best way to find a good plumbing company!  Take into consideration that they usually will remember who not to call instead of who to call! Always ask if the pluming company they recommend gave […]