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Free Sewer Cleaning in Cincinnati

Do you want a Free Sewer Cleaning?

If you live within the jurisdiction of the Cincinnati Metropolitan Sewer District, then you may be entitled to a free main line sewer cleaning. If you pay sewer fees to this sewer provider then you are entitled to a free sewer cleaning as long as it is found to be the sewer districts problem. You can learn more by clicking on this hyperlink http://msdgc.org/wib/ Remember that there are limitations.

You may ask why would a plumbing company want to inform their possible customer that they could save money by not paying a plumbing company fees to unclog their drains. To us here at Flow-Rite Plumbing it is simple. Why not help a possible customer out for free when in return they might remember us when they do have to pay for a plumbing service call later for something else maybe. Who knows maybe our good deed will be returned? If not, we still performed a good deed by telling the customer about this service provided for no cost when we could have charged them for a sewer cleaning!

We don’t want to have to pay for something we don’t have to either! So pass it along to your neighbor or friend and don’t forget who told you about it!

Why be Wrong…….When you can Flow-Rite!

What to ask of a plumbing company

Would you call the same Cinninnati plumbing company back if…..

  1. you received prompt service calls when they were scheduled within a thirty minute to an hour time frame?
  2. you were treated with the knowledge and respect that you deserved when approached?
  3. you were given several options on the services that could be performed?
  4. you were given a detailed description of the services and what each scenario would cost?
  5. you were given a warranty in writing on your invoice?
  6. you were given a concrete price to fix your plumbing problems?
  7. you were treated like your plumbing problem was a priority?
  8. you were given a fair price to do the work?
  9. you were not sold something that you didn’t need or really want?
  10. you were happy with the quality of work for the price you were charged?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may already be our customer or might want to consider becoming one! One time using our services will make you a returning Flow-Rite Plumbing customer. This is self explanatory to us because it has proven itself time and time again with every return customer and referral we have. Every referral turns into a another satisfied customer which turns into another return customer so on and so forth.

As always…..Why be Wrong?…..When you can Flow-Rite!

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A plumber protects the health of the nation!

A Plumber Protects the Health of the Nation!

Anywhere in the world you look you will find a plumber of some kind. No matter what country or continent  you find, it is a profession that will never disappear or fade away! As long as people exist, have the need to drink clean water to survive and need a means of getting rid of waste water then there will be a plumber around in one way or another. Since the early roman viaducts were designed to carry water to the citizens of Rome there has been a need for plumbing. This is one thing that computers and machines can’t do for us alone.

We as a society have the need for such a profession and with that profession comes responsibilities such as protecting the health of the people that we provide these services to and ourselves. Just one oversight or cross-connected water pipe in one house can poison an entire city block’s drinking water.As a Cincinnati licensed plumber I can tell you that I take great pride in my work as well as all work that is provided by our company. Flow-Rite Plumbing stands by the motto: “A Plumber Protects the Health of the Nation!”

As always…Why be Wrong?…..When you can Flow-Rite!