Battery back up sump pumps are a sure bet!

Battery back up sump pumps are the way to go!

If you are trying to decide what type of back up sump pump system to get then read this article. All back up sump pump systems are not the same. The most common and the most relied upon systems in use are battery back up types. There are many manufactures to choose from with many different models of battery back up systems available. We recommend only one though.

The proven reliability of Pro Series Pumps when installed by a professional plumber will give you the extra piece of mind you need when your away from home.

The other alternative is a water powered type of back up sump pump system that relies solely on your household water pressure and water volume. This does eliminate the need for batteries and charging systems. These pumps can be useful in certain instances but in most cases waste more water than they can pump. This is usually a two to one ratio. These type of back up systems usually do not pump half as much as a battery back up system when compared in gallons per hour.

The bottom line about back up sump pumps is choose the one that best suits your needs. How much water does your main sump pump discharge during a normal rainstorm. Household sump pumps are piped according to the buildings particular situation. Some recieve a lot of water on a regular basis and others receive a very small amount very rarely. This is something that should be determined and sized accordingly by a Cincinnati Plumber.

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