Spring is just around the corner

Don’t be caught off guard this spring!

Wet weather will be coming soon. Now is the time to have your sump pump checked out to insure that all is well before the rainy season hits. It is too late to find out when all that water has no place to go except all  over the basement floor ruining clothes and other dry goods. 

Flow-Rite Plumbing of Cincinnati offers a 10 point residential inspection of all your plumbing fixtures to insure they are in tip top shape for a fee of $ 35.00. This includes all major plumbing fixtures, drains and their valves. Do you know where to shut off the water to your house in case of emergency? Not only will we show you where and how but we will label it as well.

When it comes to the rainy season the most important of these ten points is your sump pump and floor drains. We offer a full line of replacement sump pumps if yours is on the fritz and most are installed the same day. We can even install battery back up systems for your existing pump in case of power failure. We also have available a water powered back up system for your sump pump that never needs recharging. There are many possible problems that can cause a pump to go south so let our technicians take a look at yours during an inspection to make sure it is fully operational when the wet weather comes this spring.

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Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Don’t be caught off guard this rainy season.

A pic of a bad sump pump we replaced in 2008

A pic of a bad sump pump we replaced in 2008