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Past Projects,Residential Plumbing — Saturday, December 20, 2008
This is a list of our recent satisfied Cincinnati residential Plumbing customers by Zip Code
  • Mary J. residing in 45211 ( we replaced her 50 gallon water heater with a State 50 gallon high efficiency water heater).
  • John D. residing in 45227 ( we installed a new  vent free gas fireplace insert and ran new gas piping to it).
  • Sam A. residing in 45236 ( we installed a new frost-proof outdoor hydrants to replace his older ones that had frozen and busted).
  • Gavin W. residing in 45212 ( we replaced his sewer lateral from outside the house to the sewer in the street due to root intrusion from nearby trees and shrubbery).
  • Ismail A. residing in 45211 ( we removed his broken septic tank and installed a new public sewer lateral).
  • Darin H. residing in 45246 ( we repaired his incoming water service by replacing two leaking shut off valves at his water meter saving him costly water bills).
  • Richard G. residing in 45245 ( we repaired his leaking toilet to save him costly water bills in the future).
  • Jeff F. residing in 45236( we replaced his stolen copper water lines due to a recent break in with new C.P.V.C. plastic water lines throughout the whole house).
  • Liz V. residing in 45211(Thanks to a family members referral we installed a new fifty gallon natural gas State brand water heater for her. Her old water heater lasted a long time (25 yrs) that sets a new record for us. The oldest water heater we have replaced was 22 yrs old until now!)
  • Steve S. residing in 45211 ( we installed a new vent free fireplace and gas piping so he can be nice and warm this Christmas).
  • Ismail A. residing in 45211 ( as a returning customer to Cincinnati Plumbers we replaced the temperature and pressure relief valve on his existing water heater  so that he can get a few more years on his older water heater.) This was a cost savings to him and his family!
  • Jack E. residing in 45211 ( a returning customer that needed a toilet replaced because his flooring company didn’t do it rite the first time!)
  • Dave R. residing in 45238 (we replaced his leaking plumbing stack below the first floor bathroom and installed a new toilet and sink in the same bathroom.)
  • Debbie M. residing in 45069 ( we unclogged her toilet that had backed up and gave her a senior citizens discount for the service call)
  • Rob G. residing in 45249 ( We installed a new Disposal for the family’s kitchen sink)
  • Julie S. residing in 41075 (We repaired two frozen water lines in her garage)
  • Dave R. residing in 45056 ( We unclogged his main drain and stopped his house and valuables in the basement from being damaged)
  • Dan W. residing in 45223 ( We installed a new sump pump and drainage system in his leaky basement so he won’t have to worry about the rainy season)
  • Dawn S. residing in 41701 ( We replaced a Bathroom sink and faucet as part of her bathroom remodel)
  • Jack K. residing in 45014 ( We replaced the family’s 13 yr old tank type water heater with a new Eternal Hybrid water heater saving them money in natural gas costs and a refund from uncle sam to boot)
  • Robin B. residing in 45208 ( we replaced a deteriorated portion of sink piping making her kitchen sink usable again)

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