Winter Plumbing Tips

Protect your home and family from plumbing problems this winter.

Spend a little time and money now to prevent large bills and repairs this winter due to cracked or burst pipes,

  • Insulate all exposed pipes.
  • Throughout the winter, be sure to run water from every valve in your house at regular intervals. This will prevent freezing.
  • Letting a faucet drip during extreme cold weather could prevent the pipe from bursting.
  • Change washing machines hoses. If the hoses are older than 5 years, they can easily rupture, especially if you have high water pressure.
  • Unattach garden hoses before freezing temperatures arrive. Close the shut-off valve on the pipes which lead to your outdoor spigots. Drain any residual water from spigots and hoses.
  • Replace your hot water heater if it is older than 10 years. They corrode at the bottom and can easily leak, causing flooding.
  • Get a good inspection done. Call your Cincinnati Plumbers to schedule an inspection that could prevent damage, and large expenses, in the future.