Cincinnati Plumbers tips helping homeowners

We have been giving the homeowner/business owner tips on how to keep the plumber away since 1997

We enjoy being knowledgeable about your plumbing problems and serving the customer how we would like to be served. With knowledge and respect! Most plumbing companies don’t mind showing up to fix your problem, at least hopefully they do, then take your money with no real explanation or preventative measures discussed. A lot of companies think that no explanation is necessary either because their technician is working on commission trying to up sell you or they just know simply how to install faucets, toilets and maybe run a drain snake only. However they still charge a rate that reflects the fact that there should be a knowledgeable plumber on site. We hear this all the time about companies that have been there before us.

If you have had this happen to you in the past then give Flow-Rite Plumbing of Cincinnati a call for affordable and no nonsense plumbing service. (513) 383-4242 When you call us or email us about a plumbing repairs we don’t just give you a ballpark price without asking questions. We give you an professional opinion based price always based on knowledge of the problem. We ask questions and give possible scenarios so you the customer are informed and have multiple solutions when possible. As always we recommend that you call at least two other companies for pricing. Remember that if something seems like it is an emergency it may not always be one that you have to pay emergency rates for! Most emergency calls we receive are things that can wait until the next day after we explain what to do in the meantime. This is another attribute you won’t usually find at other plumbing companies when they answer the phone!

When a service call is arranged and we are on site you will be given in writing the amount to perform all work discussed. The only time this amount changes is when additional work is added by the customer. An example would be if we were there doing the initial work and the customer asks “while you are here how much would it cost to replace the toilet upstairs?” This of course would be in addition to the work that was priced originally.

If you haven’t used our services yet and live in greater Cincinnati then give us a call and see for yourself!