Plumbing Tips

Help Keep The Plumber away by following these simple tips:

Nobody likes to pay costly repair bills, especially for something that could be avoided with a little knowledge and know how! If you need help with anything on this list, please feel free to ask!

  • Drain all outside faucets down in the fall
  • Never put anything down the disposal that you could easily put in the trash can
  • Use a carbon monoxide detector for gas appliances (water heater, fireplace)
  • Flush out and descale your tankless water heater yearly
  • Never put chemical cleaners or tablets in your toilet tank
  • Know where and how to reset your garbage disposal if necessary
  • Remove all hoses from their outside faucets in the winter
  • Know where your water shut off is in case of emergency
  • Exercise your main shut off valve at least once per year to ensure correct operation
  • Exercise your T&P valve on your water heater yearly to stop drips
  • Dye test your toilet for small leaks every 6 months
  • Report small water leaks to your service professional before they become large ones

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